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Add/Create totally new components/parts to toolbox

Question asked by Manuel Campos Costa on Apr 4, 2013



I lost a day trying to add an washer to the toolbox, and it wasn't possible.


It's DIN 127 B.


This washer doesn't have fillet's and have a gap, so because of that I couldn't use anyone of the ones already available in the toolbox.


I could create in an design table the configurations I want.

But when I add the part to the toolbox I can see the configurations.


I would like to have the same options as I show in the attached image.


Is it possible to do?


I tried modifying the access database but not very hard because I don't understand that program very well.


Another question: How can I add in the design table the BOM displayed name, so I can concatenate the full name with washer specs?



Thanks a lot,


Manel Costa