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    Alter Equations Using API

    Ross Doyle



      I have had some success adding equations to my parts and assemblies using the API but I am trying to now alter some of the equations to a new value for existing parts where the equation already exists as a global variable.  I have been unable to find any documentation on the way to do this.  I am sure it is through the IEquationMgr interface but I am not sure which function.


      When I try to rewrite over the existing equation through this line where beltwidth is a predetermined integer:


      swEqMgr.Equation(0) = """belt""=" & BeltWidth


      Then the result in the model tree is "belt"=???


      Does anyone the correct function for changing the global variable or any suggestions on a better way to tackle this problem?




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          Patrick Rainsberry

          I have done this in the past by simply deleting the existing equation and replacing it.  It is the only way I can figure to do it with IEquationMgr.


          As long as you know the index of global variable in EquationMgr it is pretty easy to replace.  In some cases I simply delete all global variable equations set the new values and then re-write the text strings for the equation mgr.

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              Ross Doyle

              Thanks Patrick!  So simple, yet effective.  I am sure it gets more complicated if there are multiple global variables but in my case there is only 1 that drives a few equations so it seems to work seamlessly to use your method.


              For reference for anyone else needing help with this method here is the code that I used:


              Dim swEqMgr As SldWorks.EquationMgr

                      swEqMgr = swDoc.GetEquationMgr


                      swEqMgr.Add2(0, """belt""=" & beltwidthint, True)