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    What materials to use?

    Dene Staples



      Does anyone know of a general guide to materials that gives examples of what they could be used for and/or a general list of parts and what materials can be used for them?


      I am after something that would point me in the right direction.


      In the SW materials list there is a lot of different types of steels, but I wouldn't know what is the best for what. Thanks

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          Jerry Steiger



          That's a pretty big question! I don't have a good answer for you. I have old copies of Materials Engineering magazine that list typical uses for different steel alloys. I see that MatWeb gives "Applications" for at least some steels under the "Material Notes", but working your way through thousands of entries would be a bit of a drag.


          You can quite likely get some answers if you asked what material to use to make a particular type of part.


          Jerry S.

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            Walter Fetsch

            Dene, a better approach might be to consider what characteristics are desirable for your application, then seek a material that possesses those characteristics.  It should narrow the choices to a manageable number.