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    Subcription fees what is the benefit?

    Peter Farnham

      We are at the renewal stage of subcriptions and I really don't think we should pay.


      Pdmworks is still broken, as we can run the vault service on one of our servers, but not the vault admin tool.


      This is because Solidworks did update the vault to work but could not be bothered to update the vault admin tool!


      All attachments do not check out of the vault as they have lost their links to what they were attached too.


      The reg settings are set to validate the vault on a restart and so this is not the reason. We can not use the Vault admin tool to change settings for the reason mentioned above.


      Pdmworks is still broken, as we still can not see the parts used in an assembly by hovering the mouse over the part.


      Pdmworks is still broken, as we still can not choose what configuration we want look at.


      Solidworks is still rubbish at remembering table templates and changes them at will.


      Apperances still not working correctly.


      Unable to put centre marks in some but not all drawings.


      The new sheet metal is total rubbish.


      Are any of the above going to be fixed or should we just keep our money to cover for the lost time?

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          Alin Vargatu

          Peter, can you please add details to each issue you identified?

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            Joe Wilcoxson

            Have you let your reseller know of your issues? Part of the subscription fee is for continued support from them, and from the sounds of it, they really need to get with you to help work through some of the issues.

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              Matthew West



              I forwarded this thread to your reseller earlier this morning. They are aware of your issues and should be getting in touch.



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                Peter Farnham

                I Have removed the correct answer tag as this is not the correct answer!


                I thought it was for me to change the answer to correct and not the poster?


                Yes my var does know about this issues, but are unable to rectify them as Solidworks has only done a bodge job of the Pdmworks and other bug fixes.


                Bodge job:-

                (Any job done by someone else who are distracted or careless with their work and make a total bodge Job of it. Also known as Botch Job.)


                Bodgejob 1

                The vault admin tool that is supposed to be installed on the server cannot be installed on a 32 bit windows server 2003 sp2.


                Bodgejob 2

                In Pdmworks previous, you could select document information, goto view, hover your mouse over a part and it would give you the name of that part, not anymore!


                Bodgejob 3

                In Pdmworks previous, you could select document information and choose which configuration to look at. This is now (greyed) out!


                Bodgejob 4

                Pdmworks, ALL attachments have now fully detached!



                Solidworks crashes if you need to look at another assembly, (for workshop information for example), whist having another assembly opened.


                Bodgejob 6

                Thread appearances in drawings can not make up their mind whether they want to show or not.


                Bodgejob 7

                Dimensions decide to move after drawings have been saved and checked into the vault and then checked out.


                Bodgejob 8

                Unable to put centre marks on flat pattern drawing view


                My reseller is really good and are trying to do their best to sort these issues out, but are stumped until Solidworks themselves, sort out these bugs and address these issues.


                Matt, I would like you or someone from Solidworks technical USA to Webex into my system and see for yourselves to what the issues are.

                Though I guess you and Solidworks already know that these exist and have no intention of fixing them at this moment in time.


                Are you up for the challenge??


















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                    Peter Farnham

                    Oh Here is another,


                    Bodgejob  number 9


                    Logging into the vault whilst having an assembly open crashes solidworks and the vault login.



                    <MINIDUMP> "0dbca523-8b0d-4876-ad2f-70d3208e624f" </MINIDUMP>

                    <EXCEPTION> "Access Violation at 7222b8d7 (virtual address 6beb2f90), attempt to read from memory"

                    <RESOURCE_WARNING>CMD:GDIHandles ATTR:used=1183 ATTR:load=11.83 ATTR:free=8817 CMD:CommitChargeMB ATTR:used=2951 ATTR:load=18.02 ATTR:free=13427</RESOURCE_WARNING>

                    <AD5> auFrame_c::removeMenu;auCommandManager::XDispatch::RemoveCommandGroup;auAm_c::XDispatch::Release;auAm_c::XDispatch::QueryInterface;auCommandManager::XDispatch::RemoveCommandGroup;auAm_c::XDispatch::Release;auAm_c::XDispatch::get_IActiveDoc2;auAm_c::XDispatch::QueryInterface;auAm_c::XDispatch::Release;

                    <RAWSTACK> mfc100u:7222B8D7:0026B8D7,mfc100u:7222BC84:0026BC84,mfc100u:720E01C7:001201C7,USER32:77159BD1:00019BD1,USER32:771572CB:000172CB,USER32:77156829:00016829,ntdll:77871225:00051225,USER32:7714CBFA:0000CBFA,mfc100u:7222C8A2:0026C8A2,sldappu:470CBD8B:001EBD8B,sldappu:470D0595:001F0595,mfc100u:7222E70D:0026E70D,mfc100u:7222E08C:0026E08C,sldappu:470CA26A:001EA26A,mfc100u:7222B8DD:0026B8DD,mfc100u:7222BC84:0026BC84,mfc100u:720E01C7:001201C7,USER32:77159BD1:00019BD1,USER32:771572CB:000172CB,USER32:77156829:00016829,ntdll:77871225:00051225,USER32:7715685A:0001685A,USER32:771568A2:000168A2,USER32:7715760E:0001760E,UxTheme:FBE2795A:0000795A,UxTheme:FBE4637A:0002637A,UxTheme:FBE2168E:0000168E,UxTheme:FBE21445:00001445,USER32:771589D3:000189D3,USER32:77168D09:00028D09,USER32:77161492:00021492,USER32:771613C0:000213C0;



                    Bad programming I guess!

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                      Peter Farnham

                      Well would you believe it!


                      Solidworks corp has passed the buck back to my VAR, even though most of the bugs are in the programming and so there is no way for my VAR to sort these out.


                      Come on Matt and co, Stop this passing the buck to my VAR and YOU sort it out.


                      Get the Solidworks programmers to talk to me, Webex in and see the programming errors themselves.


                      Why are you so afraid?

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                        Greg Jankowski



                        Your Resellers is the 1st line of support for issues. Their responsibilities to Subscription Service customers include:

                        1. Document the issues.
                        2. Determine if there is a solution or work around to the issues. If so, provide you with information needed to address the issue.
                        3. If there is no known solution or work around, then they log the issue the the SolidWorks Support team. Then the responsibility is with the SolidWorks Support team to find a solution, or workaround. If none is found, file a bug with development.


                        This needs to happens so that issues can get addressed.


                        We will have the VAR supported by SolidWorks Support team contact you.





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                            Peter Farnham

                            Hi Greg,

                            Thank you for your reply.


                            But, what if the VAR is unable to "fix" these bugs as they are in the programming?


                            You say that they (VAR) file a bug with development, but this has been filed as bugs for a long time now and are still not fixed.


                            A while ago I said that Solidworks seem to be hacking Pdmworks to stop it working and so far I seem to have been proven correct.

                            If this is not the case as suggested, why are these bugs still not fixed and why are many more appearing as the year goes on?


                            None of these bugs existed in 2012 up to and including sp4, they only started to appear in 2012 sp5 and really became apparent in 2013 sp1 onwards.


                            These bugs are so bad that they are now interfering with my work and time.

                            These bugs being fixed can not and should not wait until 2013 sp3, there should be an emergency fix put out now, say 2013 sp2.1.


                            I program PLC's  for our equipment and know programming bugs exist, but we as a company will not take months to fix a error that would stop the customer(s) from using our equipment. That would be just shabby customer care.





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                              Greg Jankowski

                              Marking, or unmarking, a reply as the answer, can be done by the person who asks the question, or a moderator. It has nothing to do with censorship. Peter was able to unmark what we thought was an appropriate reply. No issues.


                              When I formed comp.cad.solidworks back in 1996 it was to allow users to access peer-to-peer support and share information in a positive, constructive manner. By the time I joined SolidWorks 12 years ago, comp.cad.solidworks degraded into a very negative and often spam filled community. This is why we created the SolidWorks Forums.


                              In the 11 years we have hosted an online community, we have only banned a very small number of users (you could count them on one hand) and a very small # of posts or replies that were spam or inappropriate. And to be frank, almost all of them are from you Jon.


                              I am a true supporter of a open, constructive discussion within the community. But if you want to keep repeating the same off-topic replies, pointing other sites/blogs, etc. and not add anything to the community or the conversation, there are other sites that you may find more appropriate.

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                              Peter Farnham

                              Ok I now have my VAR trying to solve issues that Solidworks already know exists!


                              If these issues already exist, what can my VAR do about it, as if it is already broken or has not written, then my VAR can do nothing.


                              This seems to be a "push it around the plate" so it looks like we (Solidworks) are doing something.




                              1, I know it does not work.

                              2, My VAR knows it does not work.

                              3, Solidworks knows it does not work.

                              4, So pass it back to the VAR.

                              5, They pass it back to me.

                              6, Goto to 1




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                                  Peter Farnham

                                  Well I now have 5 SPR's and rising


                                  I downloaded 2013 sp3 and I am amazed that there are no bug fixes for Pdmworks!


                                  So the question is now, "when are we going to see the sp that fixes my spr's that are at critical level?"


                                  Will there be a sp3.1 or am we going to have to wait another two months+ for sp4?


                                  A couple of simple questions that require simple answers.

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                                Jeremiah Griffith

                                I assume that you mean WorkGroup PDM (what was formerly called PDMWorks).


                                If so, you can install the Vault Admin tool on the administrators local PC and access it that way. Although, I do have mine installed in both places we almost never physically login to the server, we always use the vault admin tool on the local PC just as a matter of ease.


                                I've been running Workgroup for 3 years now, and I have not seen any of the above mentioned issues.  The one time, right after we decided to implement Workgroup, that we did have an issue our VAR tried to fix it and couldn't, sent it up the pole to SolidWorks who was very helpful in identifying the issue, developed a temporary work around and then within 3 months fixed the issue through a service pack release.


                                So I would be quite surprised if DS SolidWorks was trying to brush it under the rug and forget about it, if it is a genuine programming error and not an implementation and/or training error (which is the responsibility of the VAR to sort out).

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                                    Peter Farnham

                                    Hi Jeremiah,


                                    Are you really sure of your answers here? as my var is able to reproduce the errors on their system and can confirm that they do exist..


                                    I ask that you work through the afore mentioned Pdmworks 2013 sp2 errors and confirm each one does not appear on your system.


                                    Note that these errors did not appear in Pdmworks 2012.


                                    If you are using Pdmworks 2013 sp2  and do not see these errors then I would be amazed as would my VAR and Solidworks! , as there are spr's for some of them.


                                    I await you reply.

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                                      Peter Farnham

                                      I doubt it is an implementation and/or training error as I have used Pdmworks since 2003, a good ten years now with very few serious issues until now.

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                                          Ed Hawkins

                                          There is a current issue in 2013 SP2.0 that will not allow the vault admin tool to be run by any Active directory user that is not listed in the administrators group. This may explain why you can't get access to it. I would see if you can change you user settings on the server - and then see if you can login.


                                          I am not sure of your other problems, but once into your admin tool, you may be able to re-validate the vault, or at least re-construct the tree to make it work again.

                                          Sorry I can;t be of anymore help


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                                              Peter Farnham

                                              Thanks Ed for trying to help.


                                              I have administrator rights of the server and have even logged in as the administrator.


                                              This bug/error is not really a bug or error, it is because Solidworks did not write it to be able to be installed a Microsoft 2003 standard server.


                                              As comfirmed by my VAR.


                                              So only half a job on Solidwork's part as they corrected the error with the vault to be able to run, but not the vault admin tool!


                                              You can start the car's engine, but we are not going to install a steering wheel so that you can go around corners syndrome! hehe!


                                              You could not make it up!


                                              I would blush big time if I were the Solidworks CEO.

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                                          Peter Farnham

                                          OK, Here are the results of sending RX's and My VAR making a site visit.


                                          Lots OF SR's and now lots of SPR's


                                          Many praises for my VAR for believing and proving that there are some big bad issues here that need fixing.


                                          One of the work arounds to one of the issues involve using Solidworks task scheduler, but that still has the issue of running minimised even though this option is not selected, resulting in tiny thumbnails that can not be seen either in Windows or Pdmworks.


                                          Sooooo. can you Solidworks fix the Solidworks task scheduler issue that has been around for far too long now, so that I can use this work around in 2013 SP4.0?  It started in 2010/11? I seem to remember, though could have been earlier.


                                          From the knowledge base S-048941


                                          This will do what I require but at the expense of having no thumbnails in Windows or Pdmworks!