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    Right Plane Made Visible on Insert

    Josh Killalea

      I am having a bug show lately that seems to turn the right plane of my parts to visible when i insert them into an assembly.


      if i am building bottom up assemblies the work flow is as follows;

      1) start new part.

      2) place features to construct part.

      3) ensure all planes are switched to not visible. (note i psyically turn off the visiblility of all planes, i don't just hide them through the view menu)

      4) save part. (sometimes close doesn't seem to matter with this problem though)

      5) insert part to assembly. <--- at this point the right plane is turned to visible.


      it doesn't seem to matter what i do or in what order, this always seem to happen. it is only a small bug, but VERY annoying as i use planes a lot in my assemblies and have to have them visible. as you can imagine in large assemblies this could mean hundereds of planes to be turned back off.


      is there a fix for this? i am the only one of 5 people in my current office that is having this problem and i have looked through all the menus to see if there is something that is checked that shouldn't be.


      Thanks in advance for any help.