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    Data Card Excluded Configurations

    Laura Whittle



      Is there a way to use the excluded configurations the opposite way it was intended.  I would like the variable to populate if the configuration is for the @ tab only.




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          Tom Helsley

          There is a workaround, but it involves a different method than just using the controls "Exclude Configurations" option.  In my case the general document information is only shown on the @ tab, and the part specific information is on the configuration tabs.  See the attached file for an example which I quickly threw together for sharing purposes.


          The major items are:

          1. Two levels of tab controls
            1. One outer set for general or config specific properties - controlled by a variable.
            2. Nested tab in each of the general and config specific tabs - uses control logic tied to the file's configuraiton names as a backup to ensure users don't make mistakes.
          2. A variable and a control on the card (not in any tabs) to drive the display of the outer general / or config specific tabs.
          3. Set the default value of the control to the outer Config tab's name, and exclude the @ config.
          4. All other variable controls are added inside the nested tabs.


          I also use some actions on an automatic transition after the first file check-in state to set the variable that controls the outer gen / config tab.  It's a lot more work than there should be for this, but it is the best solution I could find.


          Hopefully that is what you are looking for and hopefully others find it helpful as well.

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            Tor Iveroth

            Hi Laura,

            there is actually a way of accomplishing this via the excluded configurations option, by using a wildcard list that covers all possible configuration names EXCEPT @.  It is described in knowledge base solution S-060926.



            -Tor Iveroth, EPDM support.

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                Tom Helsley

                Thanks, Tor, for the pointer to the solution ID.  That solution is good for default values only.  I was wondering why some of my variables with default values were still populating in all configs when I only wanted it in the general properties.  This is not documented at all in the Administration Training Manual, the Admin Guide, or the help files.  All that is mentioned about default values is the data being written to a variable.


                My example is for showing the custom properties like users would see them in the SolidWorks Custom Property Editor (not the Properties Task Pane).  My example also prevents duplicated data entry and makes a clear distinction between general properties and config specific properties