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How to mate articulating covers -gravity?

Question asked by Jeffrey Anderson on Apr 2, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by John Sutherland

Fellow users,

I have an assembly that is tricky to mate.  I am trying to create the set of mates that will represent some covers as they move.  I have attached an image. covers.JPG

The top cover is attached to a motor the causes it to rise.  It has a lip on the underside that catches the lip on the top edge of the middle cover. When it comes down, the middle cover hits the bottom plate.  Currently I have a limit mate that holds the two covers coincident when I extend it, but when I collapse it the middle cover will stay put, or go through the bottom plate if I move just the middle covers.  Is there a way to make the middle cover tied to the base and the top covers without overdefining the mates.  I tried putting a limit mate between the middle cover and the base and it overdefines the assembly.  A one-sided limit mate would help, but there is no such thing.