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    Green X's next to simulation parameters

    Chris Michalski

      Okay, I'm still pretty new to Simulation so this might be a regular occurence but I've never encountered it.


      I have a model of surface elements that I ran.  I had to change one of the surfaces as the defining part was updated.  Now the features that reference that feature have little green X's next to them.  I updated the model as well as "update all components".  I had to update one of the Fixtures and Pressures because their original surface was changed.  They are properly defined again so it's not an error.  And I remeshed and that didn't eliminate them.


      They are on Fixture-2 and Pressure-3 in the image below which I highlighted.  (I ran the simulation and the X's remain)


      What do the green X's indicate?


      simulation green X query 2.jpg

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          Jared Conway

          so they are surface bodies? or sheetmetal shells? or parts you defined manually as shells?


          does it run?

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              Chris Michalski

              One is a surface defined by lofting xyz points, the others are mid-surfaces of solid rectangular bodies.  This simulation had been run previously and then I was informed that the xyz points were for the bottom surface not the top so I had to open that part and switch the Thicken direction (in the solid assembly).  This changed my mates, fixture, and pressure which is when the green X's appeared.


              It meshed fine but they didn't go away. 

              It ran fine and they didn't go away. 

              For some reason in switching between the solids and shells simulation studies they magically disappeared.  So I'm no closer to knowing what they meant, but they obviously weren't critical. 

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                  Jared Conway

                  the bcs with the green X, which shell were they applied to?


                  for the mid-surface of the solid, do you mean you extracted a mid surface first and deleted the solid? or are you excluding the solid?


                  any idea what the yellow warning said?


                  if you can share the model or duplicate with a simple version i can dig into a bit deeper. thanks.

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                      Chris Michalski

                      The green X's were on the B134... part - the xyz data lofted surface.


                      The mid-surface was created and then a configuration made that deleted the solid body (so I could compare solids to shells).


                      The warning on results was simply that I hadn't run the simulation yet when I took the screen capture so the results were not current.


                      I'm actually going to post the results in my query about shells vs solids because the answers are so different for the two.  Plus this was a one-time event and I haven't been able to recreate it.