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    Installing Solidworks...

    Aaron Williamson



      I am currently a student working as a Co-op for a manufacturing company and have been given the okay to install a copy of Solidworks on my Home computer. The first license they gave me was for SW 2011 (9000-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx), and I had attempted to install in using compatability on a Windows 8 machine. No go, and after checking the website, I noticed there was no compatability with SW and Win8. I then received a copy of SW 2013 with a new Key (0010-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) and began the install. During the install process, the installer asked me for port@server information. I was told the key I had was an at home use license, and I did not need a port or server to run this copy.


      Can anyone help me figure this out?


           I have contacted my companies technical support, and they are checking into it. In the mean time I was hoping someone has encountered this problem before and may have a solution.