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Workgroup PDM 2012  on Server Essentials 2012

Question asked by Samuel Leith on Apr 2, 2013


I'm looking to implement Workgroup PDM 2012 - since I was the only one using SW, I never set WPDM up, however we are expanding and WPDM is now definitely the way to go.

We are also just about to set up a new Server running Windows Server Essentials 2012.


Now I've read that WPDM 2012 should be installed either on Windows Server 2008, or Windows 7.


I'd prefer not venture in Server OS territory (other than Windows Server Essentials) simlpy because none of us have experience with it, and needless to say, we do not have IT staff to provide support. If we are going to have WPDM at the heart of our designing department, we need to be able to maintain it ourselves in case something goes wrong.


We could keep our Server 2012 Essentials server and install WPDM 2012 on a seperate Windows 7 machine, however this kind of defeats the purpose of having a nice speedy server.


Obviously the best option would be to install WPDM 2012 on Server Essentials 2012. Both are products targetted at small companies; it would make sense to use them. Has anyone successfully installed WPDM on Server Essentials 2012?