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    No penetration contacts.

    Sandeep S

      I need to do FEA for 2 circular mating parts (One circular part seated in a pocket/counterbore in the another part). I have following questions:


      1. i have to simulate no pentration contacts between the parts. Can i give Global no penetration component contact or should i individually give No pentration contacts set between the touching faces. Which approach is better.


      2. Gap between the outer dia. of one part and inner dia. of another part is .015". I am not very sure if these two faces will touch each other under the action of applied load.Should i contacts at the non touching faces??


      Thanks in advance


        • Re: No penetration contacts.
          Chris Michalski

          1) The Global Contact will only apply to surfaces that are initially touching.  If you have a gap between them they do not automatically have any constraints so you will need to add no penetration to those pairs of surfaces.  If they are already touching then there is no difference, the Global Contact simply makes it faster by automatically applying this condition to all touching faces.


          2) If they have the potential to touch due to deformation it is better to add the no penetration contact.  If they do not deflect far enough to touch it does not hurt, it is simply a few seconds of wasted time to add that contact.  Better to waste time and know the results are accurate than save a few seconds but wonder about the validity of the results.