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    Automatic folder selection

    Joseph Lewinski

      I'm using three tasks for converting SW drawings to DXF, PDF & eDrw's, which automatically launch during an "Approve" transition, which works perfectly.  What I would like to do, is to save these viewing files to a new folder, based on the assigned ECO number (which is a variable (t_number) automatically assigned to the ECO document via the serial number generator.  Assuming I'll be using the Advanced Scripting Options of the Convert Task, how can I get that ECO number variable (t_number) into the Primary Output Path?

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          Arto Kvick

          If I understand correctly this will not help you all the way, but there is a solution (S-054527) Where you can use source file variable as a option in filename of output file.


          So if your ECO Number is on the source file, this will help you...


          To followup on Joy,


          S-054527 -> Filename

          S-061104 -> Foldername


          AKA Both are the same instruction...

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            Joy Garon

            Joe -


            Please reference the knowledge base solution how to read a variable value from the data card of the source file and use in the output filename.


            Solution S-061104




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                Joseph Lewinski

                Arto & Joy


                Thank you so much for your direction!  This is what I was looking for.  There is one minor issue, which I can live with if necessary, but I would prefer not.


                The script creates the required folder, HOWEVER, it is appending the FILENAME after the ECR number.


                e.g. - "ECR-3008FileName"  while what I want is "ECR-3008".


                I've tried removing various references to the FILENAME from the path, but quite honestly, I'm doing it "hit and miss"! 


                Where should I be looking?


                Scratch the "HOWEVER" section above.  I'm suffering from FFF (Fat Fingered Follies).  I inadvertently deleted a "\" in the Output File Details - Primary output path.  Once I replaced it, the script works perfectly!


                No offense Arto, but this has been a JOYous fix!