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Change format on DimXpert Callout for drawings - calloutformat.txt ?

Question asked by Edgar Quintana on Apr 1, 2013

On my Job, due the nature of our product, we have  to use hole patterns extensively therefore we use dimXpert (on the drawings, to detail out) to get the hole quantity automatically. The problem is that we want to change the standard SolidWorks callout as follows (see attachment 1):


countnumber X holesize THRU     =============>  2 X .388 THRU


We want to change this callout to:



countnumber - holes   =======================>   .388

                                                                                2 - HOLES

see attachment 1


Is there a way we can do this thru  the calloutformat.txt,calloutformat_2.txt or txcalloutformat files.txt?


PS. We use simple cut features to create the holes. Not hole wizard or anything like that.


I've been modifying the calloutformat text files, but these changes are only affecting the callouts on the part enviroment  see attachment 2