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EPDM 2011 improvements wishlist.

Question asked by Gary Williams on Apr 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2013 by Joy Garon

Here are some things that I would like to see improved in EPDM 2011.

Maybe they have been addressed in the 2013 release?


Please add some of your recommendations and we can forward to our SWX re-sellers.


  1. Improved transition functionality & controls

          a) Add "if/else" statement support in Transition Conditions

          b) Parallel transitions where all transitions are compete before moving to next state

          c) Clarify/simplify “Notification” window for Admin set-up

          d) Add ability to send e-mails to users and not just groups.


     2. Recommended improvements - Admin workflow edit functionality

          a) Zoom workflow view out so you don't have to scroll

          b) States & transitions sometimes freeze and cannot be dragged

          c) Description of transitions are right justified and cannot be fully viewed even when width of box is increased

          d) Dropdown lists for variables are not wide enough to show full variable name.


     3. Ability to assign File data card to a workflow rather than limiting card to file extensions.

          a) Many times file formats need to go through multiple workflows.

          b) Since you can only assign each file extension (ie. Doc, docx, xls, xlsx)  to one file data card in the vault à then restricted to using controlled tabs in the data card for different data card layouts.