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Advice for managing student files on class computers

Question asked by Chris Kelley on Apr 1, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2013 by Chris Kelley

I am in the process of planning to set up a dedicated PC lab at a local middle/high school for teaching SW.  I am a volunteer and would get better buy-in from the IT guys at the school if I show up with solutions.  Does anyone have advice how best to manage files on classroom computers?  What is the best way for students to save files during the class?  At work, our local PCs are networked and all files are saved on the network instead of locally, but SW runs better if the files are local on the PC.  This seems like it would be hard to implement for middle and high school students.  Does anyone have suggestions for this?  Also, I had heard that the SW classes had a way to quickly and easily wipe the PC clean and re-set all settings after each class was finished.  Does anyone know how to implement this?  Thanks in advance.