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EPDM and AutoCAD

Question asked by Craig Lalumiere on Apr 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by Paul Philpott

Hello Everyone!


I think I am missing things here. I can’t find any real good information on the AutoCAD “add In. “Anybody know of any besides the little bit that’s in the admin Guide about Variables?


I am looking for information in connections with AutoCAD light 2005 and AutoCAD Electrical 2013.


My starts off questions are:

  1. Do I need to be running EPDM 2013 to have the 2013 “add in” for AutoCAD?
  2. Is AutoCAD Light Compatible with the “add in?”
  3. Can I run Tasks on AutoCAD files such as print?


Thanks for any Help!


I am currently on EPDM 2012 SP5