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    Were the developers joking? I have just discovered a SolidWorks Easter Egg...

    Alin Vargatu

      As per Wikipedia, in computer software, Easter eggs are secret responses that occur in response to an undocumented set of commands. The results can vary from a simple printed message or image, to a page of programmer credits or a small videogame hidden inside an otherwise serious piece of software.


      Looks like SolidWorks programmers are not different from other software developers. I am wondering if the corporate Dassault SolidWorks know that they hid various Easter Eggs in the software!!!


      Check what is happening if you follow the procedure listed below. Be very careful, you have to follow each step exactly as it was written:


      1. Have to start with a part template with dimensions pre-set to inch
      2. Angle dimension format should be set to one decimal
      3. Pick the Right Plane and start a sketch using only the in-context toolbar
      4. Place an infinite centerline on the origin at an angle of 257.759 degrees using only the property manager
      5. You should not constrain the centerline
      6. After that draw an arc centered on the origin, with the endpoints coincident to the centerline
      7. Place a diameter dimension of 5.55555” on the arc
      8. Revolve 360 degrees accepting SolidWorks’ offer to close the sketch
      9. In the Command Manager add the Mold Tools toolbar
      10. Left of the center of that toolbar you will find the Scale Icon
      11. Scale about the centroid
      12. Find the “uniform scaling” box and uncheck it
      13. On the “X” type 0.754789
      14. On the “Z” type 0.754789
      15. Let’s press the “Enter” key (do not use the mouse)
      16. Save the part as HAFD!.sldprt
      17. Do a Left Mouse Button click on one back face of the part and select:
      18. Appearances
      19. You just need to apply the following RGB values: R255, G000, B000


      If you completed all these steps exactly as described you will discover a funny Easter Egg that SolidWorks developers hid in SolidWorks starting with version 2005 SP3.0.