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Curious Block Motion Question

Question asked by Jordan Nowik on Mar 31, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2013 by Jordan Nowik

Greetings.  Hoping one of the geniuses on here can give me the simple answer.  File is attached.  I think this is a reasonably interesting problem.


Issue:  The block assembly indicated in jpg will perform differently when different points are dragged.  I have a guess that Solidworks doesn't like when hinge points are aligned,  but then it should really restrict the same motion when the block is pulled rotationally.


The question is difficult for me to explain.  The attached picture and part file will make question clear.



I'm using SW2012.


Thanks in advance for attention and insight!


PS - anyone care to explain how to insert a photo into this dialogue using chrome/win 7?  The interface does nothing for me.  Pop up window, insert image, nothing to interact with.