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    Re-installing SolidWorks 2011 SP5 problem

    Mark Leichliter

      I am attempting to re-install SolidWorks 2011 after a hard drive failure. I let my subscription expire after 2011. I have physical media for 2010 SP 0 provided by my VAR. They did NOT send me a disk for 2011 - a fact I pointed out to them to no avail. When I attempt to use Installation Manager to upgrade the 2010 license to 2011, it gives me the following error:


      Your serial number is not on subscription or has expired. The following products require an active subscription to download: SolidWorks.

      You cannot install or modify these products without the source files.

      Deselect these products or contact your reseller to update your subscription.


      I have tons of files that were created with 2011 and unopenable with 2010. My VAR contacted SolidWorks and got them to provide a download for 2011 SP 5 - but the FTP server maxes out at 270 KB/s for a 5 GB download. Insult to injury, the server fails before reaching 1 GB. I've tried multiple times with multiple FTP clients to no avail. My VAR has stopped replying to my requests for assistance.


      Is there anyone here who can help me out?


      My case is #42615, in case that helps.