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Disappearing sketch lines

Question asked by Deri Jones on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by Stephen Copeland

Hi Folks

I have a recurring problem in SW2013 SP2 with sketch entities dissapearing. When working in a sketch, especially one with offst lines, some of the entities will disappear until you you zoom out. This seems to get worse with time, the more parts that are opened, worked upon and closed, then more often stuff disappears.

This doesn't appear to be a card specific issue as it happens on the workstation (Firepro V5700) and the laptop (Quadro K2000M).

Drivers for both have been tried with SW reccomended and the latest release with no difference.

Can anyone replicate this and does anyone have any answers, as it's driving me nuts!

Machine specs are:


i7, 16Gb RAM, V5700 Firepro card, Windows 7 X64 (up to date)

Laptop: Dell M4700 i7, 16Gb RAM, Quadro K2000M, Windows 7 X64