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    Flow Simulation giving "discontinuations" in Flow Trajectories

    Travis Bowman

      Looking for a little help. I am designing a sort of recooperator. Basically it is a twin tube counterflow helical heat exchanger. There are two streams on N2 entering on oppisite sides, one hot stream (250psi & 533K) and one cold stream (250-psi & 297K).



      I have played around with different settings and I can't get the flow trajectory of the temperature fluids to not have a "gap" in the middle of the helix. Basicall the simulator shows nothing in the middle, no color, no lines, nothing. I am running the simulation again this morning with the convergence on Goals turned off to see if this is the issue.


      I will post a picture if I get the same result with the "gap". Any thoughts on a setting I am over looking? Thanks.

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          Jared Conway

          please post a screenshot of the flow trajectories. are you sure you have enough of them? if you plot a cutplot, does it show that you have flow in that area? if you use different faces for the flow trajectories, does it fill that area?


          the best test is the cut plot test, if you have flow there, then flow trajectories should work. you probably just need to add more of them or move where they start from. sometimes you need to increase their length/time but only in extreme situations.