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fea on m24 thread and nut

Question asked by Daz Morgan on Apr 1, 2013

good afternoon every one


i've spent the last 3 days trying to do a static fea on an m24 thead and nut assembly with out any results ive contructed the thread using cut helex and assembled the part using thread assembly


fixed the shaft one end using static fixtures and applied 1000 N to the nut


ive manage to mesh both components but when i run the analysis it boots out on error saying i dont have enough fixtures .


ive looked high and low for info on this problem with out any results 


does any one have a step by step guide on how to apply this simulation to a thread and nut assembly


i really think its down to my set up and connections or maybe the incorrect approach to the problem


i found a video on youtube


its close to what im after but doesnt go into set up


ive attached the files for the cylinder nut and shaft


all the best