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Tasks: set and clear watermark on drawing

Question asked by Joy Garon on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by Tim Webb

Hi All,


I ran into an interesting issue today. We have been successfully setting and clearing watermarks on a drawing as it transitions through a workflow. Until today :-(

For example, we have a property named watermark in our drawing templates (set to Not for Production). When we transition to Pending Approval we have several actions:

- set revision variable

- clear watermark (for drawings using set variable)

- export XML (for parts/assemblies)

- run Task to create PDF


The PDF's were created on each users machine.


All worked well until we moved the PDF generation task to a dedicated machine.

Now the watermark is not being cleared until after the PDF is generated? Anyone else experiencing this type of problem?


SW 2012 SP4 / EPDM 2012 SP4