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    Assigning tasks to users

    Terry Raymond

      What are my options for assigning tasks (drawing, checking,approving,etc) to users? What are options for them being able to see what is on their plate?


      Interesting idea here:



      Are details on this variable method published somewhere?


      I have ~20 guys working on design, dwgs. I'm foreseeing files getting lost in the workflow. Not a fan of requiring users to manually send email notifications, nor automated notifications ATM.


      Thanks for help!!

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          Laura Whittle

          We have automatic notifications, but we also have it set up so that each person can run a search and find files t4based on the state they are in and possible some variables.


          1. Engineers create the part/assembly, once finished they change state to a drafting state.
          2. Drafter can run a search based on the files in the drafing in progress state.
          3. Once drafting is completed they change state to drafting under review. The creator of the file can search based off of state and the created by variable.
          4. For final approval each department director has a search set up for them so they can see all the files that are waiting on their approval. This is based off of state(Under Review) and the departments selected for approval by the engineer.


          Hope that is helpful!


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            Tim Webb



            What is your current "process" for assigning work? You only need to duplicate that in the electronic world and mold EPDM around it.


            I have had the opportunity to get extensive experience in several work environments with this in EPDM.


            Two ways:

            1. Saved searches by department using a variable on the data card and updating that variable when the files move
            2. Real-time dashboards



            • Data card variables to carry the new status and ownership.
            • Select one filetype to represent your data to track (i.e. sldprt, slddrw, PDF, doc, xls, etc.).
            • Transitions update card variables as documents move through the workflow.


            Take a look at my site. See if the home page is anything like what you need. It's an engineering dashboard. These don't have "personal" ownership BUT it can be made to do that with some slight changes.


            Every engineer and lead can have a dashboard on their desktop to know what's in their queue.


            The goal is to know the status of your engineering at a glance.


            Tim CEPA