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New to WPDM - Projects, Structure

Question asked by Brian Mears on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by John Highet

Our company is project-based. Most of our jobs are built to order. Some are engineer to order.


We're investigating Workgroup PDM. I'm convinced that we need to use it, but have some questions about the vault folder structure.


My thought is that we'd create WPDM projects for each order. The top level assembly and top level drawing(s) would be saved in this project folder, but parts and subassembiles (and associated drawings) would be saved in a different structure, by item type, as these are common parts used in many different products.


So if I have the following part categories (for example)


#33-XXXX: Castings

#35-XXXX: Extrusions

#55-XXXX: Weldments


...each of these would also be set up as a project in WPDM?


I do not want to mass import our current files into the Vault - I want to clean up our files job by job and enter as we go so I know what's in there is good. So as I check in projects, for files that don't exist yet in the vault, I'd have to select the proper project to put it in (the extruded part goes in the "Extrusions" project, etc.), correct?


I know this might be common sense or intuitive to those of you that have used WPDM, but I haven't, and it's important to me that I understand how it works and set it up properly.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you,