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Help w/ 3D Cut Extrude

Question asked by Adam Baker on Mar 29, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2013 by Adam Baker

Im using projection curves and 3D sketches to get a cut extrude on a part. I know that I have to define an extrusion direction, so I'm using another sketch to define that angle from each of the cuts I need to have made.


Most of my cuts are going fine, I'm getting exactly what I want.


However, I'd discovered a couple instances where Im getting something really weird that isnt giving me what I need, and I dont know how to deal w/ it. The most common cause seems to come from trying to create a cut extrude that falls across the boundery between 2 lofted features. The 2nd instance I found last night, is on a curved surface, but it was all created within a single lofted feature, but I'm having the same problem.


I've attached screen shots I took of what its doing.


The first 3 images is teh cut being done on the surfaces that fall across 2 lofts. The first 2 show the cut preview, and the massive hump and value. And then the 3rd shows the finished cut.


The last 2 images show the cut made on the surface that was created in a single loft, so there's no boundary, but there is a curvature to the surface. The first is while I was trying to create the cut. You can see how the preview is showing a large hump instead of a nice flat cut. The 2nd image is what the resulting cut (or lack there of) looks like.