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3-D sketch extrude doesn't work?

Question asked by Rodger Secrest on Mar 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2013 by Rodger Secrest

Ok this is one of three questions I have. I'll post the other two in a different post. I am used to Autodesk Inventor. I have recently got an evaluation version of solidworks and also started a new job that uses solidworks. I know the two programs are similiar but some stuff I try to do or would think you would do in works in inventor but not in solidworks. Also, solidworks seems to be easier once I would get to know the program a little better. There is things I have been asked to replicate but I keep getting errors the way I do it. I will attach a picture. Ok I have created this drawing in a 3-D sketch in solidworks. Figured I could just extrude it to a desired thickness. Well when I try to extrude it, it doesn't work and keeps giving me an error. What am I doing wrong? (P.S. I left my thumb drive at work or I would just attach a screenshot, but this is all I have right now. But I have a

3-D sketch of the part and I just wanted to extrude it up the .625)