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Dxf changing T-Block

Question asked by robert dattilo on Mar 27, 2013
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    I have a file that has used a bitmap in the title block for the companies logo. I exported 7 files as dxf's & then tested them in draftsite.

The bitmap logo, doesn't show up as a logo, but more like a link, so that if you double click on it, you be taken to a full page of the logo.

Of course this isn't what we want. We simple want the drawing to show everything, including the logo as part of the title block. What would be

the best way to fix this issue. I was hoping for a quick solution, so that I could get these files off to the customer as I started to do. Also I might

need to look into the templates that contained these logos to start with. The SolidWorks drawings appear fine. This only happened when I exported it as a dxf, &

then tried to open it in draftsite.


Thanks, in advance for any input;


Rob_D 2013 sp2