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    How to define Bolt connection for slots that are in perpendicular direction?



      Brief info:

      The above two plates are connected with a bolt & nut,The above slots are co-axial slots.


      In-order to define the above condition in SolidWorks Simulation, I am using bolt connector but unable to define the connection at the central axis of the slots(bcoz the slot faces are flat at the connection region).


      In fabrication exactly same is done, So kindly letme know how to create the similar set-up in SolidWorks Simulation?


      I cannot replace the slots with holes (Bcoz slots are provided as manufacturing tolerence stack-up for ease of installation at the site)


      Please provide me any solution or work around.


      I acknowledge valuble suggestions from you all.





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          Jerry Steiger



          I'm not sure I understand what your question is. Are you looking to define a bolt connection for a finite element analysis? If so, you might want to move this question to the Simulation/Simulation forum. Are you trying to mate a bolt with two parts? Then you might want to move this question to the SolidWorks/Assemblies forum. I see that you are actually working with a multi-body part. Do you want to make a third body that will be the bolt and have it centered in both slots? If so, you should probably move this to the SolidWorks/Parts and Features forum.


          For the last question, I would probably put a point at the center of the center line for one or both slot sketches, then show the sketch.


          Jerry S.


          P.S. I see you have already gotten a couple of replies to your second identical post. I would suggest that you delete this post.


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            Bill McEachern

            It depends what the object of the simulation is and it is always helpful to state what you are trying to figure out in a simulation analysis when you post here if you want a succint direct answer. If you think it is obvious then you have not considered what you are doing is sufficient depth. For example lets consider a bolted joint - a properly design joint should take he load via friction due the bolt pre-load and not bearing. Depending on what you are interested in you could replace the slots with holes. In terms of simulation results there maybe no real difference if say you are trying to size the fastener and the required preload and you use a pin or a bolt connector. Read up on bolt connectors in simulation and bolted connections in general. If on the other hand, you are concerned with say the adherents and the local stress distributions then the only way you get a high fidelity analysis is put in simplified bolt hardware, apply the preload via a temperature load (this may require a non-linear analysis to get the sequence right - pretty sure it will). and you can get it, though you will want a dense mesh so it could take a while.