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    Adding prefix to slot dimension

    Greg Johnson

      I'm trying to add the prefix '2X' to a slot dimension using the API. I have been able to add the text successfully but when I do the slot dimensions no longer update if the slot changes size. To fix the problem I can cut the text out of the PropertyManager and paste it back in. Has anyone successfully added a prefix to a slot dimension using the API?


      Here is my code that updates the slot dimension;


      Const strInc As String = "X "

      Const strSlotCallout As String = "<hw-slot-width> X <hw-slot-length>"


      Dim strDimensionTextCalloutAboveDefinition As String = swDisplayDimension.GetText(swDimensionTextParts_e.swDimensionTextCalloutAboveDefinition)

      Dim strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition As String = swDisplayDimension.GetText(swDimensionTextParts_e.swDimensionTextPrefixDefinition)


      If strDimensionTextCalloutAboveDefinition.Contains(strSlotCallout) Or strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition.Contains(strSlotCallout) Then

           intNumValue = Val(strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition)

           If intNumValue = 0 Then intNumValue = 1

           If strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition.Contains(strInc) Then strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition = strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition.Replace(Format(intNumValue) & strInc, "")

           intNumValue = intNumValue + x

           If strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition.Contains(strSlotCallout) Then

                strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition = strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition.Replace(strSlotCallout, "")

           End If

           If intNumValue > 1 Then

                swDisplayDimension.SetText(swDimensionTextParts_e.swDimensionTextPrefixDefinition, Format(intNumValue) & strInc & strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition & strSlotCallout)


                swDisplayDimension.SetText(swDimensionTextParts_e.swDimensionTextPrefixDefinition, strDimensionTextPrefixDefinition & strSlotCallout)

            End If

      End If