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Heat Exchanger Simulation with helically corrugated tube.

Question asked by Vamsi Mokkapati on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hi all,


I was trying to do the shell and tube heat exchanger simulation using solidoworks, here the tube side of the heat exchanger is not a plain tube, its a helically corrugated tube instead. I followed the similar procedure of the tutorial given in the solidoworks flow simulation, but seems there is something wrong and I couldn't figure it out. but the results are very unlikely, for example the density of the gas which is flowing in the corrugated tube is some where around 900kg/m^3. when I have done the plain tube and shell heat exchanger the results were close to the results of the experimental setup.


The fluid flowing inside the tube is air with the inlet mass flowrate of 0.05kg/s at 700K, the fluid inside the shell is water and is flowing at 0.1kg/s at 300K. The default fluid that I selected for the project is water and hence I defined the fluid subdomain inside the corrugated tube as air and assigned the inlet boundary conditions to it. The outlets of the both air air and water are set to be at environmental pressure and temperature since they are unknowns.


please find the attached heat exchanger file in this discussion.