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    Dispatch set variables to multi files

    Masayuki Honchi

      I'm trying to do the following actions by dispatch.

      When one or more files are moved to certain state, show dialog and ask user to enter values then they are set in data card.


      I set the following actions


      Check out file %PathToSelectedFile%

      Edit Box

      Set Card variables

      Check in file%PathToSelectedFile%


      When Edit Box is shown only 1 file is checked out. Data card of the file is updated, but other files aren't updated.

      Do anyone know how to treat multi files in dispatch?

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          Tim Webb

          Hi Masayuki,


          Try the steps in this order in your Dispatch script:


          1. Edit box
          2. For all documents
          3. Check out file %PathToSelectedFile%
          4. Set Card variables
          5. Check in file%PathToSelectedFile%
          6. End for all documents


          The "For all documents" tells Dispatch to run the code between "For all documents" and "End for all documents" on every file in the selection.


          Show the edit box first before "For all documents" so the script will only display the box once per state change.


          Hope this helps,

          Tim CEPA


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            Masayuki Honchi

            Thank you Tim for your quick response.


            Your answer resolved my problem immediately.

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                Tim Webb

                Glad to help.


                If you would like to avoid displaying the edit box in the dispatch script, it is possible to set data card variables to the "transition comment" the user entered in the transition dialog box.


                transition action.jpg

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                    Joy Garon

                    Nice tip Tim :-)

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                        Tim Webb

                        Hey thanks Joy. That means a lot coming from you.


                        At the last company, I worked with Produciton to route all shop work ordes (job cards) that went to the production floor through workflows in EPDM.


                        After the initial growing pains and EPDM grew in popularity, the shops began seeing ways the tool could actually help them in their job. So they asked for a way to allow them to update each job card on a hourly, twice daily, daily basis with a work in process comment (WIP Comment). Hint: The users can design a better system than developers can. Developers just put feet on their ideas.


                        So, added the transition comment to a transition out to a "dummy" state and an automatic transition back to the original state just to capture the "WIP Comment". Now the "WIP Comment" are captured in the history AND on the face of the data card.


                        The net effect is the "WIP Comment" field on the data card (in the data card image I uploaded) would get updated with daily comments and multiple files can be updated at one time.


                        Here's the beautiful thing: Then added the "WIP Comment" to the column set so each shop could sort by their "WIP Comments" in Windows Explorer and the crew chiefs can run a quick "report" for their meetings.


                        EPDM became a powerful communication tool between the shop crew chiefs and the supervisors who needed the status of the cards.


                        Great thing about 2013 is the extra transition loops are no longer needed with version-free variables! Now as a SW solution partner, I can lock myself in my cave and design all kinds of CRAZY!!!!


                        Tim CEPA