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Save Modified Documents

Question asked by Cherise Fillinger on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by Joey Pruitt

My company recently started using Enterprise EPM.  We are very happy with the experience but a few of our users are getting some weird intrusive errors.  I thought I'd tackle them one at a time and see if anyone had any ideas.  This is the last problem!  It is experienced by several users but happens in two different ways.  This problem ossurs regardless of state of assembly.



  1. User opens a assembly that has a internally saved part.  (The assembly is not checked out.)
  2. User tries to close assembly and gets the attached "Save Modified Documents" dialog box (Note: Do not save read-only documents is checked).


This is where the problem splits.  Most users are now able to select don't save and the assembly will close.  One user will have the same dialog box come up as many as six times before the assembly actually closes.


I would prefer if this dialog box did not come up at all since we are working with read only files.  However, I would be happy if we could just stop it coming up six times for our one users.


Thanks for any help.