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Error when using Enterprise PDM Search

Question asked by Cherise Fillinger on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by Tim Webb

My company recently started using Enterprise EPM.  We are very happy with the experience but a few of our users are getting some weird intrusive errors.  I thought I'd tackle them one at a time and see if anyone had any ideas.  The second problem also only happens on one computer.  This problem is not a show stopper but it would be nice to solve. 



  1. User pulls up the Enterprise PDM Search window.
  2. User starts typing in his search criteria.  After one character is entered, the search field freezes and will not except more characters until he mouses into the field highlights his one character, deletes it and starts typing again.
  3. The problem is solved until he closes the search window.  When a new search window is opened he will have the problem again.


Thanks for any help.