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Unneeded Save Changes Dialog box

Question asked by Cherise Fillinger on Mar 27, 2013

My company recently started using Enterprise EPM.  We are very happy with the experience but a few of our users are getting some weird intrusive errors.  I thought I'd tackle them one at a time and see if anyone had any ideas.  The first problem happens to only one of our users about 50% of the time regardless of the part state. 



  1. User opens a part without checking part out.
  2. User rotates part, zooms, and performs other viewing activities.
  3. User tries to close part and receives this dialog box "Save changes to (file name here)" with "yes", "no", and "cancel" options.
  4. User selects "No" as the part is not checked out and he has made no changes.
  5. User then gets this dialog box "Can't overwrite document (file name here).  It is a "read-only" document or is currently in use."


User Settings:

  1. Don't prompt to save read-only referenced documents (discard changes) is checked {System Options, External References}
  2. Open referenced documents with read-only access is checked {System Options, External References}


I would really appreciate help with this problem.  The user is getting very frustrated with the problem and we can't seem to figure out the issue.