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Solidwork EPDM Suggestion Application – Copy file after Fully approval stage

Question asked by Tiwakorn Janmanee on Mar 27, 2013

Dear All,

i'm already imprement Solidwork EPDM 2013 in our office.

Now i'm config system.


in server have Folder tree;

- Engineering Data

- ME Drawing

- EE Drawing

- For Construction Drawing

- ME Drawing

- EE Drawing

for designer workflow will develop in Engineering Data. If that Document already Approve normally will go to For Construction Drawing.



Cad operator -> Create File on Enginering Data > ME Drawing > XXX_01.dwg and already check in file

Manager -> approve XXX_01.dwg


Program Will automatic copy file XXX_01.dwg to For Construction Drawing > ME Drawing > XXX_01.dwg


Please Advice