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How to delete a Vault View created via the ePDM API?

Question asked by Noel Witt on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by Kip Speck

I have used the API to create a new Vault View.




How do I delete that View?


I have tried the following (as user having Administrator privs): Via windows explorer I right-click on the view and select delete, I receive a dialog, "Delete View - The view "blah..blah" was created by 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM'.  Only 'NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM' or an administrator can remote it."


I am logged in as an Administrator... but still receive the message and am unable to delete the view.


Windows 7


I have attempted various methods to delete the view, including connecting as NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM via psexec.exe, but have had no luck or success. The psaexec method was mentioned at


The API provides a method to create a view, but does NOT appear to provide a method to delete a view. 


Have any ideas on how one can delete a View create via the API?