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Saving a part to PDM, description does not carry to data card

Question asked by Richard Nord on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by Joy Garon

I am opening a .stp file (from in SolidWorks, then saving it as a .sldprt on my local hard drive.  When I save the Part, I am entering a description of the part.  After that, I save the file into a purchased part library in the PDM.  When I do this, the description I entered when I saved the assembly as a part does not show up on my data card.  However, if I move the same file to the PDM, do a "save as" and enter a description, the description is saved on my data card.  I've tried this several different ways, and the common thread I'm seeing is that the description does not carry over if it was added before the part was in the vault.  Is there a reason for this, or is there something I need to look at in how my data card was set up?