Individual Part files for 2007

Discussion created by Guest on Nov 1, 2006
I am running SW2007 SP1.0, when I switched to 2007 I started using individual part files rather than adding configurations to the files. So now when I insert a new part I name the file and add it to my favorites list. The next day I come in and make a new assembly with the same screw, when I select it from the favorites list everything looks fine, but when I insert it toolbox creates a new file with the default name. Not the name that I had assigned and that had showed up in the toolbox browser. I do have it set to let me save multipule copies of the same part so that I can have Steel, and stainless steel versions of the same screw with diffrent part numbers. But it won't let me do this, only it can create a new part that is geometricaly the same and with the default part number.