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Online 360 viewers – Rendering 20-30 images in 360 degree rotation?

Question asked by Joseph Ankers on Mar 27, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2013 by Joseph Ankers

So we are looking at using a program similar to one of these to allow a user controlled 360 View of products on our website.



Basically to get it to work they have a product on a turntable and take between 20-80 photos of the product then load them up into a  online viewer that allows you to rotate and View.


Currently I have 3 Ideas of how to get this to work.


1 – Multi Render, This looks to be the most time consuming option, also difficult to get to work. To set a camera up in photo view 360, pointing at the centre point of the model, then rotating it on the correct plane around 260 degrees (seems that you can only rotate +90 to – 90 in Photo veiw) so that may mean that 2 cameras would have to be set up?  This option seems to have a high chance of going wrong with camera angles, lights, planes having chance of going wrong, and 20/30 renders of each product is going to take a long time.


2 – I have not looked into animations for a long time, but what I remember is that I can set a sketch path at the correct distance and plane then just create a animation and render the product though 360 degrees, then some how take the images from the animation. In a similar way to Gifs are made?


3- Once again a 360 render as above, and then somehow use the animation file to directly create a viewer using that?


Does anyone have any experience in this? have any suggestions? Or even better tried this using solid works files?


Thanks In advance