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Version linked to a Drawing Note

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2013 by Scott Baugh

I have been searching and I keep coming across this thread "", but there is little to no information about this, or leads that almost work, but not exactly, hopefully someone can help us out with this issue.


We are trying to link "Version" into a Drawing note using a Custom Property. I do not mean "Revision". Revision is a letter, the "Version" is caused by an event in EPDM, and we want the drawing to reflect the "Drawing" "Version" as a number just like it does within EPDM when an Event occurs. This will allow us to make sure any printed drawings are the latest release by comparing the Version to what is in the vault and what is on the print. Revision does not reflect that unless its sent back into our work flow accordingly.


I have a Custom Property setup in the Drawing Template as $PRP:"Version", however its not following the EPDM version after being checked into the Vault. Version.jpg


Maybe this image will help everyone understand what we are looking for... from everything I have read it doesn't sound like this can be done, but some posts make you believe it can be - - but we cannot get it to work properly. The link above almost works if the part and drawing stay on the same version, but fails when they are not, which there is no way to keep them the same... this is even worse when you have an assembly with multiple parts.


Any insight would be appreciated - Thanks Scott