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Broken references

Question asked by Dave Melichar on Mar 26, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2013 by Michael Thorn

I have a question about EPDM.  My company and I are fairly new to EPDM but I am looking for some insight and potentially guidance to the value of EPDM.  I now have 2 jobs into EPDM and we are moving towards setting up a library of purchased parts.  When I moved parts from the job folder to a library folder, I lost references.  Local copies were left behind and referenced by the assembly.  I have now spent hours of time fixing references broken by EPDM.  Several assemblies have been put through a workflow and are released to production and locked.  In my first ECO, I lost 6 references in an assembly that was clean when it went in.  I thought the whole point of PDM was to never lose another file or reference again.  How is this software being sold when it does not do the very basic premis of product data managment?  I am struggleing with what to do with this situation.  I have extensive experience with proengineer and unigraphics and I have never experienced these kind of issues with those programs and the PDM used with them.


Are these broken references caused by Solidworks and it's notorius issues with references?  Is the a problem I will see with any PDM associated with Solidworks?  Is this only an EPDM problem that is resolved using 3rd party PDM software?  What scares me is when I find this quote in solidworks EPDM literature... "a major use of the Update References wizard is to repair broken file references."  This is a clear acknowledgment of the problem with a solution of fix them as they break.  I expext this kind of performance from alpha or maybe beta software, but software that is 7 years on the market?  Seriously?


Any input or suggestions?