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Reducing vibration by changing mass properties, Iterative method

Question asked by Matt Taylor on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2013 by Matt Taylor

Hi everyone,


I am working on a project fo my dissertation to reduce vibration. A method I am considering to do this is to change the weight of the part vibrating to see I can minimise it that way. I could simulate this by changing the mass properties of the part randomly and using a trial and error method to get the best result but I haven't got the time (or patience) to do that. Does anyone know of an iterative method that can be used on solidworks to achieve this? I have seen on the tutorials a way to minimise the volume of a shelf bracket ("shape optimisation") using an iterative mehod, but I have not yet managed to find a way of applying a simular method to the weight of a part to recuce vibration (increasing fatigue life would also be an acceptable optimisation goal)

Any help would b greatly appreciated.