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    2013 space bar view orientator

    robert dattilo



           I was just wondering if there's possibly a setting to not completely flip the view back to an iso, when using the

      new space bar view tool. I like the idea, but don't like how if your close to the view you'd like, when you hit the

      spacebar, it completely disorientates your viewing perspective, & flips it to standard iso. I think I would be

      great if it just came up in the position your in, & then you'd make your slight adjustment.


      Thankds in advance for any input;


      Rob_D SW 2013 Sp2

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          Alin Vargatu

          Robert, I agree with you the cube should be displayed on top of the model in the current orientation.


          Submit an Enhancement Request for this functionality and let me know the ER number. I will vote for it!

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            John Sweeney

            Hi Robert,


            If your model is already close to one of the standard orthographic orientations, you can try using the "Normal To" button in the Orientation dialog.  When no geometry is selected, we will rotate your model to the nearest orthogonal orienation.


            With regard to the View Selector, you cannot avoid the standard isometric orientation of the cube, however, you can turn off the "animation" of your model into the cube.  Use "Tools-Options-System Options-View" and change the "View Selector" transition setting to "OFF".  Instead of animating the transition to the View Selector, your model will be left in place and a gray haze drawn over it to indicate it is in the background.  The View Selector cube will then be shown in its typical orientation on top of your existing model.


            A couple more items... you can also avoid seeing the View Selector with the spacebar shortcut by picking the "View Selector" button seen in the top-right corner of the "Orientation" dialog (see image below).  As seen in the tooltip below, you can also choose to bring up ONLY the View Selector by using the Ctrl+Spacebar shortcut.  These shortcuts are customizable in Tools-Customize.


            We've also added one enhancement.... notice in the tooltip, where we indicate that you can quickly highlight and select the back faces of the View Selector by pressing the Alt key and moving your mouse over the desired cube face (this is available in 2013 sp2 and later).




            Best Regards,


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              James Pare

              I liked the older version, which was simple & easy to use