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How to connect remotely?

Question asked by Kerry McMahon on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by Lenny Bucholz

Hello all,


Let me begin this with a disclaimer... I do not use SolidWorks.  I don't know anything about SolidWorks (other than it's CAD software).  I didn't install SolidWorks.  I don't know what version of SolidWorks it is, but since it was just purchased I "assume" it's the latest version (I know, never assume).


I am the IT guy at a school.  A teacher has purchased 10 licenses of SolidWorks to teach in his class.  He has the server set up and everything is working to the best of my knowledge (he did all of the setup himself).  However, he wants to be able to use SolidWorks from home.  He gave me 2 ports to unblock at the gateway router, but it still isn't working.  Instead of working 3rd hand, I want to just ask all of you what is actually needed in order to allow him access from home.  Will it work if I simply redirect a few ports on the gateway router to forward traffic to the SolidWorks server?  Or do I have to get him VPN or Remote Desktop access?


Thanks for your help.


Confused IT Guy