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Working with SW models use in more than one drawings with different data cards information.

Question asked by THOMAS DUPRE on Mar 25, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2013 by John Dockstader

We are creating a SW. part and give it a M00000 number for the model name. We will be creating a SW drawing that reference that model but with a D0000 number for the drawing name. We fill out the model date card information in PDM to update the SW part /assembly “File  Properties” the drawing title block will use.

But not the material data field. We will use this model as a REF to more than one SW drawing file.  With the material data field being the only thing that is difference .

Meaning that we need on SW model to be used in more than one SW drawing because the model geometry will not change.

Only the information in the title block for the material to that part/assembly will be difference between the new SW drawing with difference numbers.


We do not want to fill out more than one data for each SW model. We want to only change the SW drawing with the material data field in the drawing card.

I hope this give you a picture of what I need with the lease amount of work to fill the information and not to be making any new SW model configuration.

If we need to make configuration in the SW model I will need the new SW drawing data card to set only the material data field for me.