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Too simple of a mate maybe?

Question asked by Sid Humphreys on Mar 25, 2013
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I am almost ashamed to post this, but I need help nevertheless.  Or am curious maybe.  I am assembling a flat washer to a bore.  I mate the flat surface of the washer to the bottom flat surface of the bore for the first mate(coincident).  I then mate the inside diameter surface of the washer to a edge of the bore(concentric).  This in my past life would be enough to solve the constraints and put the part without any problem where it needs to be.  Fully constrained.  SW gives me the minus sign telling me under constrained.  I figured, ok.  It still can spin 360 degrees axially around the bore and this is why SW is confused.  So then I do another mate of a plane that is orthogonal to the flat surface of the washer to a plane that is before the flat washer part in the assembly and call them parallel.  SW comes back and tells me the constraints cannot be solved.  What in the WORLD is this?  Also, me being new to SW I am kind of just going along with other users in my group and how they are presently mating things.  In again, my past Pro/E life, when you create a cylindrical feature you automatically get an axis that goes with it.  I would much rather align or MATE axis to axis then to do a surface to an edge.  Does SW give me a axis upon creating cylindrical features or do I need to create them ontop of creating the feature as well?


Thanks all and I rest assure you all had a good weekend.