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Help with part to drawing links and the affects of updating versions of SW

Question asked by Jill Luhn on Mar 23, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2013 by Anna Wood



I am wondering if anyone can help me solve a problem that arises everytime we update to a new version of SW's in reagrads to part properties and drawings.


If you go to File than Properties in the part file you get the summary information dialog box to come up.  We than go to the "custom" tab and here we can fill in Property Name items to automatically fill in when we create a linked drawing from the part.



First Problem:


Everytime we update to a new version of solidworks (SW2013) we loose the connection for any of the automatically populated fields in the Property Name dialogue box.


I believe it has to do with some file locations but I do not know where to add or remove the file location definitions.  I have found some file locations referencing even back to 2011 possibly whywe lost all of our drawing templates.


Second problem:


What is the proper settings to populate the drawing so we do not have to keep getting error messages and or keep having to manually edit the links.  If you fill in all the information like:


Company name



Drawn by



in the actual part file then do you go into the drawing file and link the property to the model and pick the property name which gives you a string variable that is $PRPsheet or is there a way to leave it $PRP.  The blank fields show up in the drawing when we leave it to $PRP.  If we edit all of them and point them to the model with $PRPsheet they work and populate correctly.


I am really struggling with this in general and it always gets worse after an upgrade.  Actually right now I have again lost all access to the property name's.