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    Frame Help! Please

    Robert Smith

      Hi Guys, hope everyones haveing a wonderful day like me!!


      Can anyone point me in the right direction in where im going wrong with this simulation? Iv been using solidworks for about 3-4 months and everything is self taught so far, so i never no if what im doing is quite 100%. We have recently upgraded to premium and im trying to see what happens to this frame with its 1.9t load inside it.  It keeps saying restraints invalid?or somewhere along this line.


      Any help would be much appreciated.





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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Robert: It appears there is only the single vertical restraint, so the entire frame will exibit Rigid Body Motion (RBM). Imagine you can slide the frame on the floor in two orthogonal directions since there's no restraints to prevent it (2 RBM degrees of freedom) and spin the frame around a vertical axis (1 RMB degree of freedom). The static solver does not like that so you can 1) add a minimum amount of point restraints parallel to the plane of the floor (such as at two corners) at the base of the frame like in the attached image, or 2) turn on "Soft Spring" option in the Properties of the study. The "Soft Spring' adds a very small stiffness to all nodes and helps to stabilize the structure from RBM.

          Hope that helps. Either of these suggestions should allow the model to run, and you can adjust the point restraints to different corners to observe the deformations you want- Tony

          Note: You'll need to access the "Advanced Fixtures" panel to add particular directional restraints.restraints.png