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Configured Mass Properties

Question asked by Phillip Cannon on Mar 22, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by Jeremiah Feist

I have an assembly that has several configurations. This assembly lacks the electrical wiring that completes the process. I know the rough amount of wiring and the resultant weight. I want to be able to adjust the weight property of each configuration by the known amount. Unfortunately when i try to adjust the mass property in properties by typing:

"SW-Mass@Cover Assembly.SLDASM"+100 , The resultant output is: XXX+100. My second attempt was to set a global variable = "SW-Mass" + 100. This DOES output an adjusted weight that I can place into my properties and subsequently push out to my assemblies. The issue here is that it only outputs the most recent configuration of the assembly that I have had open. My third attempt I made global variables using = "SW-Mass" + 100 and related each one to their respective configuration. The result was the same as my second attempt.


In short. How can I adjust the weight property of an assembly to account for wiring without adding an extra part to increase the overall mass?